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The Railing Bar is a table that fits on the railing of balcony. There is a model for a square railing, a round railing and glass railing. 

ATTACHING THE BAR - The Railing Bar is extremely easy to assemble. Just take it out of the box and attach it to the grill. No tools needed. Please make sure that you do ask help when attaching it to the railing to avoid dropping it.

HOW MANY RAILING BARS CAN YOU FIT TOGETHER - You can decide to hang one Bar Table to your railing or use your entire balcony railing as one big bar. It’s really up to you. You can attach as many bars together as you wish.

PRECAUTIONS YOU'LL NEED TO TAKE - Even though the bar is pretty strong, please don’t sit on it or place very heavy objects on it. The elevated barrier on the Bar Table will help avoid objects falling of, but please still be careful placing objects on the Bar Table because they can still fall off, especially with strong wind. Use the Bar Table responsibly so that we can all avoid accidents.

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