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Plant Parenting - Mindset

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

House plants let us experience the satisfaction of nurturing life, and offer us to stay close to nature whilst at home. Plants are a wonderful form of life, one can have a fresh and unique experience everyday by simply being around nature at home.

Plant parenting can be loosely defined as looking after plants with similar care and devotion as a child or a pet would need. Most millennials these days are becoming plant parents. It not only makes their space trendy, calming, fresher & beautiful but also improves the overall quality of life and levels of happiness.

But the question remains, how to prepare yourself to be a Plant Parent?

Growing plants is a labour of love. It can be challenging. There are going to be mistakes & heartbreaks but lots of learning in your early days. Prepare your mind with research.

  • Find a practical spot in your home for it to live.

  • The type of light your home gets will dictate what types of plants you are able to bring in.

  • Grow the types of plants that bring you the most joy - decorative plants, flowering plants, herbs, or vegetables or just add some calming greenery to your room, the possibilities are endless!

  • Do you have pets? Some plants can be toxic to the curious fur babies.

  • Another important thing to know is the watering requirements, every plant needs different care.

  • It’s quite often the case that plant mistakes are salvageable. In that case be ready to seek advice from experts.

Often we see people walk in the plant store and buy the options that are gorgeous & aesthetically pleasing to their eyes. Well those greens might not thrive. From sunlight to the watering needs there is a lot to know before bringing those babies home.

Good research, a mind-map and little knowledge is enough to start the journey.

happy parenting!

Remember when your plants grow, you grow.

- with that note, see you in the next blog.

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