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Plant Parent Success Tip 101

Potting Soil - The lesson that will change the way you pot your plants.

Have you been using outdoor soil to pot your indoor plants?

Outdoor soil is primarily composed of clay, sand, and silt which not only adds unnecessary weight to containers but are also prone to congealing and hardening when they dry out completely.

On the other hand, potting mix is quite different. It is a lighter airy mix that gives your plant roots the preferred air, moisture and nutrition balance it needs. Potting mix primarily consists of soil, peat & compost, may also contain perlite, wood chips, sand or other materials. It's also called well draining soil as it allows the extra water to drain out easily from the planter.

The basic mixture includes soil, cocopeat, compost & sometimes perlite.

  • Cocopeat is obtained from the outer husk of coconut, it is naturally anti-fungal and promotes strong root growth.

  • Compost is organic material obtained from food scraps, grass clippings, leaves, animal manure, and coffee grounds. These can be added to soil to help plants grow.

  • Perlite makes the mixture really light weight and gives a lot of air holding capacity. With perlite you can be sure that there is gonna be a lot of oxygen in your root zone.

  • Soil from the outdoors is heavy, it can result in water logging and root rot. It is best to use heavy soil for outdoor gardening.

Potting mix plays a major role in maintaining plant health. It is true that plants live in soil, but the soil that we usually see is not just soil but a mixture of ingredients that help keep the plant happy & healthy.

Ask about the various potting mixes and how can you maximise soil nutrition next time you go plant shopping.

See you soon with more tips!

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