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Earthy is suggestive of Earth and objects are the little details around us that fill our surroundings & ultimately our lives. Earthy Objects started out as an initiative during the lockdown with an intent to create a healthy open air environment at every home. Locked inside of the house, fresh air was one aspect that was missing from many people's lives.​


Promote Alfresco (open-air) living with keeping sustainability & minimalism in mind. In the stressful times of today sitting in cozy, inviting, and open air environment brings immense amount satisfaction and relieves a lot of stress. With our products, we literally want our customers to upgrade their balconies and fall in love with their own space.​


We've worked our products around earthy tones and patterns means it will work with all colors in your home and effortlessly ramp up the texture element adding a grounding interest.


At Earthy Objects, we work with a team of skilled professionals & self-help group of lady weavers & artisans to make traditional handmade crafts to bring our culture to you. All our designs are inspired from around the world, to brighten up your living spaces, offices and balconies.


Anybody who is willing to brighten up their outdoors, and wants to adapt to Earth Friendly lifestyle is our customer, and can definitely count on us to expect the unexpected.Our team is fun, quirky, know how to add personality to everyday items, and add spice to your space. Our ultimate aim is to make you fall in love with your space.


Hi, I am founder & creative director Earthy Objects, and I personally welcome you to our online store and invite you to browse through all that we have to offer.


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